WebSite Packages


package-confusionWe offer a number of fixed price solution packages to help establish your online web presence quickly and efficiently.  If your needs are unique or special we can also assist with solutions tailored specificly to your needs.  Whether you need someone to help update your existing website, a fixed price solution or tailor designed Website, we can meet your needs and deliver to your specifications.

Standard Website Packages

These are our affordable fixed price packages designed for sole traders up to medium businesses.  With these packages you don’t  have the worry of adding or changing your content on a regular basis, however, if you do prefer to have content updated then these packages have scope for that to be done also.

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Content Management System Based Website Packages

ContentManagementSystemThese are our fixed price packages designed for small to medium businesses that would like the advantage of modifying or adding content on their website on a more frequent basis! We can build your website around any of the popular content management systems available such as Joomla!, or WordPress.

Content Management Systems (CMS) afford many advantages over static based websites.  CMS websites can have access permissions tailored for different users/departments that need to contribute to your website.

Since most CMS websites are template driven, updates to the website will always maintain the same consistency throughout the website.  Updating your entire websites ‘look and feel’ can be accomplished simply by applying a new theme.

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