Managed Service

The Value of Managed Service and how it can help any businesses wanting to save costs.

If you are looking for a long-term partner to help meet strategic requirements and remove the complexity of day-to-day administrative actions in your online environment, then EmpireNET can help you with the skills, knowledge and expertise required.

What are Managed Services?

Managed services transfer the management responsibility for solutions from you (the client) to the service provider (EmpireNET), with agreed service level objectives and a schedule of fixed fees.

Managed services suit businesses that are looking for a long-term partner to help meet strategic requirements and remove the complexity of day-to-day administration of their online systems (website & social media).

Top Seven ways Managed Online Services  can help your business;
  1. Helping to reduce and control costs. Managed Online Services provide greater cost predictability through fixed monthly fees so you can budget and plan appropriately.  With managed Online Services you are able to update important information and news without having to invest in skilled in-house resources. You gain access to our expertise only when you need it and as you need it.
  2. Greater levels of accountability. With end-to-end  services managed by a single point of accountability you are able to take command of your Online Web Environment without having to be involved in the day-to-day management.
  3. Reducing complexity. Managing multiple service providers is difficult, with managed web services you can remove the pain and complexity and gain access to our specialists with the broad range of skills needed to manage your Online Web & Social Media requirements. EmpireNET will help manage your complex social media portfolio as a fully managed services solution.
  4. Accessing the latest updates. Software is constantly evolving and with limited resources a business can be easily left behind. With Managed Online Services you can enjoy the advantages of the latest software updates and solutions at a fraction of the cost. Even if you have in-house technology expertise, managed online services can extend the capabilities of your team enabling you to provide the best possible service to your clients.
  5. Increasing operational productivity – Importantly, having a single point of contact for support with a managed service reduces hand-offs, finger-pointing and delays. You also gain access to leading toolsets and the skilled resources to understand and use them. This can help to pinpoint and resolve issues quickly. The mature toolsets used by our team not only improve diagnosis and remediation they also give you access to the data and information available from them. This can assist with preventative action to prevent failures in the first place and help reduce the effort for research, development and implementation of new solutions.
  6. Customised and scalable solutions – With EmpireNET,  you are not locked into a one-size-fits-all approach. You can select custom options to suit your business needs and budget.
  7. Staying focused on your core business – Typically businesses have limited resources, with more projects in the pipeline than they have resources to deliver. Outsourcing your online media services can help you to stay focused on your core business and not be distracted.


Building the Business Case for managed Online Services.

  • Examine your current costs and weigh the cost benefits of a managed service solution
  • Discover how a managed service can help your team become more strategically focused on your business leaving us to manage the tactical solutions on your behalf
  • Ensure your strategy is based on a business driven model that can be measured and reported
  • Review your proposed providers industry maturity, accreditations, knowledge and process methodology
  • Obtain a clear understanding of the reporting and KPIs needed to deliver your managed service

Take the next Step and Engage an EmpireNET consultant to help.

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